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Strategy Deployment Webinar

How to deploy Breakthrough Business Strategies to achieve sustained growth and profitability in the current challenging business environment.

According to a study conducted by CFO Magazine, over 500 companies revealed that the top reason for the lack of value in their company’s planning process can be explained by the lack of a well-defined process to drive their strategies to execution.

During this webinar we will describe a simple, but powerful process, which will not only drive profitable growth, but will allow your organization attain levels never attained before.

Strategy Deployment (“SD”) is a highly disciplined process through which Leadership teams systematically and simultaneously drive effective growth initiatives and eliminate waste from the business achieving breakthrough performance levels in key areas such as sales, new product introduction, supply chain, operations, administration, customer service, quality and profitability.
We will provide an overview of the SD process and review Leading client case studies which will demonstrate the breakthrough benefits of Strategy Deployment.

Join us on Thursday 19th July at 10:00 EST (17:00 CET) and learn how your business can benefit from Strategy Deployment.

About Your Hosts

Mark DeLuzio

Roger Burghall
The series is hosted by Mark Deluzio. He was mentored by the originators of the Toyota Production System. He has directed the implementation of lean principles and strategies the last 25 years in many businesses and industries. Mark is President and CEO of Lean Horizons Consulting. He was inducted into the Shingo Academy for his contribution to the Lean movement. Roger Burghall is the Managing Director, Europe with Lean Horizons Consulting. He has been a practitioner in Lean Sigma transformation and Quality Improvement since 1991 in both industry and consulting roles and has a track record of managing rapid business and operational process improvement within a diverse range of domestic and international market sectors and cultures.
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