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Learning Services

An organization’s ongoing success is largely the product of its members’ capacity to learn. Lean Horizons enables learning without limits. From developing global learning portals to fulfilling a single learning need, Lean Horizons offers organizations a unique combination of learning development services and a rare opportunity to fully engage the workforce.

Lean Horizons’ approach to Learning Organization Design and Development is a structured approach. We design learning solutions that are aligned with your organization’s strategic objectives, to transfer knowledge in direct relationship to your enterprise transformation. By implementing highly customized standard learning experiences across the enterprise, we turn focused learning into sustainable results. Your people not only learn new skills, they also learn how to learn together.

Our integrated learning services include:

Off-the-Shelf and Custom Learning Programs

The Lean Horizons Knowledge Suite offers learning in Strategy, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Administrative, Lean Supply Chain, and Lean Six Sigma. Lean Horizons also offers a variety of customized learning programs targeting Executive Leader Training, Lean Leader Training, Lean Core Training and Lean Emersion Programs. We work with you to define your exact learning needs, timeframe, and resource requirements, then engage our subject matter experts and professional training developers to custom-tailor Lean learning programs. All of Lean Horizons’ learning programs, whether off-the-shelf of custom, adopt the fundamental principles that created the highly successful Danaher Business System and teach methodologies drawn from actual enterprise-wide transformations.

Custom Content Development

We accelerate knowledge transfer through training materials that reflect your organization’s core values and incorporate company-specific examples and exercises. By blending Lean training materials you already own with our offerings, we help you leverage previous investments.

Curriculum Design

Developing curriculum specific to your business begins with a shared understanding of your strategic objectives. We then work with you to identify required capabilities and assess the readiness of your organization, at all levels. Based on our analysis, we developed enterprise-wide curriculum that corresponds with your journey. At the same time we identify the most appropriate delivery channels and sources of training content.

Training Facilitation

Lean Horizons’ training produces results because it utilizes instructional design theory and adult learning principles, and is delivered by Lean sensei with decades of corporate experience. We recognize a company’s need, however, to self-manage its training programs and processes. To support you, we can tailor our training development methodology and empower your organization to adopt it as its own. The Lean Horizons Training Facilitation program includes project guidelines, training templates, and options for licensing the Lean Horizons enterprise training development process.

Turnkey Lean Enterprise Learning Solutions

Lean Horizons can provide you with a Learning Management System (LMS) outsourcing solution designed to deploy Lean throughout your enterprise. Key capabilities include:

  • Deployment of individualized Lean learning plans or certification paths for targeted associates
  • Centralized cataloging, administration and management of all on-line learning experiences
  • Assessment and survey functions with sophisticated reporting features
  • Display of all instructor-led Lean events and electronic registration
  • Customization of the interface to provide seamless entry from company intranet or website

Lean Horizons LMS outsourcing services include various levels of support including:

  • LMS outsourcing services set-up and content integration
  • LMS outsourcing services set-up
  • Lean Horizons content integration (basic requirements only) with your company’s existing LMS

Global Training Deployment

From web-based Learning Management System solutions to language translation services, Lean Horizons facilitates the deployment of your organization’s learning portal, Lean learning programs and Lean courseware worldwide.

Human Performance Management Consulting

A “performance” culture is no longer elusive. We approach the design of an organization’s social system systematically, because a culture is planned, not arbitrary. We’re helping companies answer three key questions: (1) What does a performance culture look like? (2) What is leadership’s role? (3) How do we embed performance in the DNA of our culture? You’ll find that by looking through Lean Horizons’ “seven lenses,” your organization can design a model for establishing and managing its own high-performance social system.

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