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Our Approach

The more you use Lean, the more powerful it becomes.

Having a Lean organization involves more than improving part of the company. The real action, the real work – and the ultimate payoff – involves transforming and integrating the entire enterprise from your customer all the way through the supply chain. If you have invested in Lean, but not reaped the returns, it is not a failure of Lean. It is the failure of too narrow or static an approach.

We will teach you how to implement Lean through an enterprise-wide vision, to align Lean activities with the organization’s breakthrough imperatives, and to design a culture for long-term success.

With Lean Horizons Consulting, you will never experience the frustration of unfulfilled promise. Our responsibility to our clients is bound by the guiding principles of the Toyota Production System and hoshin kanri (strategic deployment).

Our flexible approach—that meets you where you are right now and clarifies where you want to go—creates unprecedented opportunities for you to:

  • differentiate your company
  • serve your customer better
  • leverage your investments
  • optimize value streams as you eliminate waste
  • achieve fundamental change

Moreover, we lay the cultural groundwork that stimulates a Lean organization—one with the resources, vision, and commitment to seize the moment.

Execution is key.

Our collaborative experience with you happens in three phases:

  1. Assess. Using in-depth interviews, Gemba tours, and data analysis, we’ll rapidly assess the capabilities of your employees, manufacturing operations, and suppliers, as well as your core transactional and informational processes.
  2. Review. We’ll work with you collaboratively to better understand your organization and ROI potential. We’ll share our recommendations for your custom Lean solution—how we’ll strategically deploy Lean against your objectives.
  3. Engage. Depending on our recommendations, we provide strategic development and deployment, Lean consulting, and cultural adaptations and training. Because excellence in execution determines success, we work with you to translate value (as defined by your customers and shareholders) into a set of capabilities across the enterprise.
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Flatlined: Why Lean Transformations Fail and What to do About It

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