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Mentored Learning

Lean Horizons offers customized learning solutions for Executive Leader Training, Lean Leader Training, Core Lean Training and Lean Immersion Programs. All programs are tailored to meet specific business and learning needs, timeframes and resource requirements.

Custom Training Suites

Executive Leader Training

The success of your organization’s transformation begins with executive management’s commitment and their ability to both communicate and lead your strategic deployment of Lean. Because each journey has its own footprint, there is no off-the-shelf, one-size-fits all solution. Drawing upon the extensive, executive leadership experience of our team, we transfer the skill for leading a lean transformation to your executives through a four-phased approach of Requirements Definition, Design, Delivery and Support.

Lean Leader Training

To achieve high performance, your organization must develop high performers. Lean Leader Training engages your best and brightest in experiential workshops to learn the fine points of implementing Lean across the enterprise. Our people – your coaches – work side-by-side with your leaders so they learn to avoid the pitfalls and dead ends, to overcome the frustrations of change and build a confident culture committed to continuous improvement supported by sustained results.

Custom Core Lean Training

Blending the Lean Horizons Knowledge Suite with your own materials allows the creation of a Lean learning program that fits your company perfectly. Your custom learning programs can be delivered to your associates by trained resources within your team or by Lean Horizons specialists. Global licensing allows the unrestricted replication of manuals for company use, and your organization receives updates to the Lean Horizons Knowledge Suite electronically throughout the life of the license.

Lean Immersion Program

Candidates for “Lean Leader” dedicate three to six months within their Lean organizations, participating in Lean learning and experiential training and conducting Lean events. After their rotation, Lean Leaders return to their home organizations to drive the strategic deployment of Lean. All tailored methodologies, processes and templates are included in the program.

Flatlined: Why Lean Transformations Fail and What to Do About It Book Cover

Flatlined: Why Lean Transformations Fail and What to do About It

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Turn Waste into Wealth: How to Find Cash in Every Corner of the Company