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Healthcare without compromise

In an era of spiraling costs, savvy consumers demand significant changes in how their healthcare is delivered. Quality, efficient, and affordable care is the expectation.

But how does an organization achieve this when the gap between patient needs and financial resources keeps expanding? We firmly believe a Lean healthcare organization is the path to a revolutionary patient experience. We have helped our clients make a difference by advancing breakthroughs in productivity, cash flow and capacity. In doing so, we are leading the way for those who want to be at the forefront of improved patient care.

Lean healthcare consulting

When Lean is employed organization-wide it enables team members to look across service lines and focus on what happens to the patient. From admission to discharge, team members are able to think differently about how they work. They will be able to identify the interactions and activities that add value, and the ones that do not.

Team members will be able to optimize processes, and improve efficiencies all while reducing patient and staff stress. Even simple changes can produce amazing results.

  • Reducing the number of steps in routine processing procedures, can give back valuable bedside time to the care giver
  • Reducing the number of outstanding receivables, will free up significant cash for updated technologies, advanced quality of care, centers of excellence, or improved patient outcomes

Not all of these changes are accomplished quickly or easily. But the results are long-term. By applying Lean broadly, you will improve effectiveness across the system and develop integrated solutions that answer the operational, strategic and organizational challenges your organization faces. You design your system for sustained growth and the continuous delivery of high-quality care.

Summary of Lean Healthcare Results

The following provides representative results from Lean healthcare client collaborations.

Metric Improvement
Wait Time in Emergency Reduced by 70%
Wait Time in Orthopedics Reduced by 83%
MRI/CT Capacity Increased by 40%
Operating Room Inventory Reduced by $400,000
Operating Room Turnaround Time Reduced by 53%
Backlog in Sterilization Reduced by 97%
Capacity in Dialysis Increased by 20%
Coding Throughput Time Reduced by 71%
Laboratory Turnaround Time Reduced by 60%
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