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Our experts understand that when Lean is aligned with your business strategy, your people become focused on what needs to be done. At Lean Horizons Consulting, we empower businesses to achieve excellence and sustainable growth. Our services encompass a holistic transformation towards efficiency and innovation, streamlining processes, fostering continuous improvement, and revolutionizing production and strategy. 


Supply Chain


New Product Development

Manufacturing Transformation

Strategy Deployment

We’re More than Consultants.

We’re Your Partners.

Having a Lean organization involves more than improving part of the company. The real action, the real work – and the ultimate payoff – involves transforming and integrating the entire enterprise from your customer all the way through the supply chain.


Our collaborative experience with you happens in three phases:


Using in-depth interviews, Gemba tours, and data analysis, we’ll rapidly assess the capabilities of your employees, manufacturing operations, and suppliers, as well as your core transactional and informational processes.


We’ll work with you collaboratively to better understand your organization and ROI potential. We’ll share our recommendations for your custom Lean solution—how we’ll strategically deploy Lean against your objectives.


Depending on our recommendations, we provide strategic development and deployment, Lean consulting, and cultural adaptations and training. Because excellence in execution determines success, we work with you to translate value (as defined by your customers and shareholders) into a set of capabilities across the enterprise.

Industries We Help

We’re here to help your business thrive, no matter your field.  Our expertise is tailored to drive significant improvements in operational efficiency and strategic growth, regardless of the industry. We’re more than consultants; we’re your partners in paving the way for real success.

Biotech & Pharmaceuticals


Financial Services

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Private Equity

Why We’re Different

As the original architects of the Danaher Business System – we transform entire enterprises by making your strategic objectives a reality. 

Our passion is to transfer and instill the capabilities and knowhow so that your employees will be able to sustain, improve, and avoid the missteps that we have made in our Lean transformation careers. 

In our growth, we’ve never compromised quality or sidestepped our commitment to abide by the Toyota Production System fundamentals. Our diligence not only places stringent requirements on us, but it also provides you with end-to-end solutions and the ability to build a Lean business that can respond resolutely to whatever the world throws at it.

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Hear What Others Have To Say

Lean Horizons performed a comprehensive assessment of our business [at Knorr Brake Company (KBC)] from shop floor to back office. As the Lean/CI leader, it was extremely humbling and helpful to have the expertise and support of our LH consultant [Kevin Mathis] to help us see problems as opportunities and teach Lean principles and tools to create value and eliminate waste. Like many things, the process is fairly simple but not easy so I encourage others to rely on the experts. We [KBC] were able to accelerate our lean journey, develop a culture of problem solvers starting with C-suite on down and show real results thanks to our partnership with Lean Horizons.

Jason C.

Director, Knorr Production System, Lean and Continuous Improvement

Lean Horizons provided us with a powerful competitive edge while also building the foundation for a Lean continuous improvement culture throughout our South American finance operations.

Carlos Zarlenga

Chief Financial Officer, General Motors South America (GMSA)

The Lean Horizons team demonstrated unparalleled expertise in our strategy deployment implementation. Their coaching and handson facilitation fostered alignment, clear objectives, and a culture of accountability. With their guidance, our organization developed resultsoriented processes to achieve strategic objectives efficiently, driving sustained success and growth.

Dan C.

Global Continuous Improvement Manager

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