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Lean Manufacturing Transformation

Lean Manufacturing Consulting

Drawing on our extensive experience in enabling Lean Manufacturing in existing operations or during acquisition integration, we show you how to use Lean and Six Sigma tools and techniques to create repeatable and reliable processes. These processes will help your organization:

  • Improve product quality, speed and cost
  • Reduce cash tied up in inventory and receivables
  • Get more out of your fixed assets
  • Generate productivity savings through sourcing and infrastructure, and
  • Synchronize supply chains with internal processes that link to customers’ workflow and demand

Lean Horizons can help you realize the primary goals of Lean Manufacturing Transformation by adapting Lean techniques to the process improvement opportunities unique to your environment. We show you how to prioritize Lean initiatives and build a framework for process improvement that is tailored to your operations and the individual needs of your business. By using data-driven analysis, your organization performs kaizen “with a purpose” and improves the processes that make the difference to the bottom line. You learn to apply the right Lean tools and principles to the right processes at the right points along the value stream. Wastes, in the form of setup time, downtime, non-standard work, in-process inventory, over-production, defects, movement, transportation, and other process deficiencies, are reduced or eliminated.

A review of the Lean Horizons Knowledge Suite, provides a more detailed view of our comprehensive solutions in Lean Manufacturing Transformation.

Summary of Lean Manufacturing Results

  • Annual Inventory Turns
  • 50 to 300
  • On-Time Delivery
  • 60 to 80
  • Productivity
  • 50 to 300
  • Internal Quality PPM
  • 50 to 95
  • External Quality PPM
  • 50 to 95
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
  • 50 to 85
  • Production Lead Time
  • 70 to 95
  • Cost per Unit
  • 20 to 60
  • Safety (Accident Frequency Rate)
  • 20 to 45
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