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Focus on private equity growth

Some companies teach private equity firms how to use Lean tools to remove waste from manufacturing processes. Others apply Lean to purchasing and distribution. Not many, though, integrate Lean with the company’s sales and operations planning. Fewer still use Lean to drive revenue growth. Only Lean Horizons delivers on all these things.

Our place in the world of Private Equity

We have helped private equity companies grow earnings and cash in a tough economy. All while these businesses improved their global positions with investments in development and customer care. As a partner offering a full-range of profit-fueling solutions, Lean Horizons has helped these companies boost their financial strength and prepare for success.

Our enterprise approach to Lean can help you:

  • Remove waste and improve performance without additional capital investment
  • Dramatically compress cash-conversion cycles
  • Apply Lean to mission critical processes including innovation, new product development or new product introduction
  • Increase manufacturing efficiency and customer service performance
  • Improve supplier efficiencies and lower delivered costs

Today, in the aftermath of inexpensive financing and relaxed lending covenants some see turmoil. Lean Horizons sees opportunity. Lean liberates operating cash, and drives revenue growth. Lean helps to transcend even the most volatile markets. All while laying the foundation of superior, sustainable performance.

Returning a troubled company to breakthrough profitability means shaping its business system to follow opportunities. This is where Lean Horizons excels. Our change model originates with the Danaher Business System, and harmonizes with your business strategy. This approach emphasizes early benefits capture, and accelerates change across the enterprise. Our industry experience is broad and deep. This gives us the vision to design and the ability to execute on a global scale.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique requirements and share with you our focused, value-driven, flexible solutions.

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