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Lean Manufacturing Metamorphosis

The challenges facing today’s manufacturing companies have never been greater – nor have the opportunities.

  • Global economic growth drives demand for goods with exceedingly high demands for value.
  • Mass production models that served yesterday are struggling to compete.
  • Large investments in information technology and global restructuring do not address today’s manufacturing problems.
  • The rate at which markets change can render mass production infrastructure obsolete in an instant.

Lean offers another way; a more evolved way focused relentlessly on the customer’s concept of value.

Our place in the world of manufacturing

Manufacturing is the backbone of Lean and Six Sigma. Drawing upon the extensive, industrial leadership experience of our team we align Lean and Six Sigma with your organization’s goals. When employed organization-wide your business achieves the greatest results.

  • Your cross-functional teams can apply Lean to eliminate wastes, and synchronize flow in value streams focused on your customers.
  • Six Sigma builds upon these gains by understanding, reducing and managing variation within those value streams.
  • Your team members are able to think differently about how the value of manufacturing is achieved and how your business is done.
  • Team members advance the activities that add value – and reduce the ones that do not.
  • Enabled by education and tools, your teams discover and correct problems before they impact your ability to serve.

By applying Lean broadly, you improve effectiveness across the production system and develop integrated solutions that answer the operational, strategic, and organizational challenges that face your business. Your system is designed for sustained growth and the continuous delivery of best-in-market manufacturing performance integral to your business’ performance.

Our people have experienced the successes and the mistakes of Lean manufacturing transformations. We work with your teams to overcome the frustrations of change and build a confident culture committed to continuous improvement supported by sustained results.

In doing so, we reduce time to value on your Lean Six Sigma investment. We look forward to partnering with you on your journey.

Summary of representative manufacturing results

Metric Improvement %
Annual Inventory Turns 50 to 300
On-Time Delivery 60 to 80
Productivity 50 to 300
Internal Quality PPM 50 to 95
External Quality PPM 50 to 95
Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) 50 to 85
Production Lead Time 70 to 95
Cost per Unit 20 to 60
Safety (Accident Frequency Rate) 20 to 45
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Flatlined: Why Lean Transformations Fail and What to do About It

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