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From your vision to the bottom line

Whether your business climate demands cost reduction, speed to market, improved quality, leveraging capital investment, maximizing cash flow or a unique prioritization of the above, Lean Horizons Consulting’s methodology brings bottom line returns through the proper application of Lean. Fundamentally, Lean is an enabler for achieving one-, three- and five-year business objectives. Our experience in strategic deployment, sales and operations planning, Lean manufacturing and Lean supply chain represent an enterprise-wide capability unmatched in industry today.

Project Summaries

Lean for GE Consumer Finance Optimizing Profits Through a Lean Supply Chain
Lean for Growth Lean for Back-Office Optimization
Reducing Costs Through a Lean Audit Process Strategy Deployment Returns Profitability
Lean Manufacturing Transformation

Our work produces dramatic results.

As we help our clients to continue their evolution into customer-focused, value-oriented and capital-efficient enterprises by instituting Lean and eliminating waste, we also help them to: identify global opportunities for growth, improve processes and productivity, increase their ability to offer solutions to their customers, enact stability, lay the foundation for continuous improvement, improve cash flow, optimize relationships and interactions with partners and suppliers, accelerate revenue, transform culture, extend competitive leadership, grow organically and through acquisition, drive strategy to build a high-return portfolio, institute world-class asset management, achieve operational excellence, expand service and product offerings, solve productivity and financial challenges, reduce operating costs, educate the people who make the difference and deliver sustained profitable growth.

We can provide you with volumes of impressive numbers that meet or exceed Lean benchmarks for labor productivity, work-in-process inventory, production throughput and many other metrics. And we are happy to do so. But, we prefer to talk with you about results that are relevant to your business situation and not just relative to another company’s position. The case studies we have provided here are intended to help clients stretch their imaginations and envision a more progressive Lean implementation. Just as Lean Horizons Consulting was one of the first to extend Lean principles to accounting disciplines, we are leading the deployment of Lean within organizations’ service operations and, thus, enabling the benefits that come from a comprehensive, enterprise-wide Lean Business System.

Representative Results

The following table provides representative results from Lean Horizons Consulting client collaborations.

Competency Metric Improvement (%)
Lean Manufacturing Annual inventory turns 50 to 300
On-time delivery 60 to 80
Productivity 50 to 300
Administrative Lean Process Lead Time 60 to 80
Accounts Receivable Day Sales Outstanding 10 to 20
Call Center Productivity 20 to 40
Lean Supply Chain Reduction in Warehouse Space Consumed 20 to 35
Forecast Accuracy 15 to 40
Strategic Sourcing/Material Cost Reduction 5 to 15
Financial Metrics Gross Profit Improvement 3 to 15
Return on Assets (two years) 60 to 100
Reduction in Cost of Quality 50 to 95
Free Cash Flow Improvement 15 to 30
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Flatlined: Why Lean Transformations Fail and What to do About It

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