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Lean Accounting applies Lean principles to organizational accounting processes, ensuring financial operations bolster and amplify an organization’s Lean strategy. Traditional accounting promotes dysfunctional Lean behaviors and often looks back, but Lean Accounting acts as a proactive navigator, providing the timely and relevant information necessary for precise decision-making. 

Lean Financial Operations 

Our Lean Financial Operations service is purpose-built to eliminate waste from the accounting process. We collaborate closely with your leadership team to streamline everything from invoice processing to financial closings. Our expertise has led to the development of robust financial controls that safeguard against fraud and inefficiency, leading to stronger and smoother financial operations. 

Our Focus Areas: 

  • Financial Reporting: We ensure the delivery of accurate corporate and external reports. 
  • Transaction Processing: We enhance efficiencies in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and Expense Reporting. 
  • Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A): We refine budgeting and forecasting for nimble financial planning. 
  • Financial Controls: We reinforce your financial processes to protect against fraud and inefficiency. 
  • Compliance Management: We guarantee adherence to regulatory standards while promoting Lean practices. 

Lean Value Stream Accounting 

Our Lean Value Stream Accounting services are designed to support and drive Lean transformation within your organization. We help transition away from traditional cost accounting practices, like absorption costing, which can impede Lean initiatives such as inventory reduction. 

Our Specializations: 

  • Value Stream Costing: We provide a more precise allocation of labor, materials, equipment, and overhead, aligning financial reporting with Lean principles. 
  • Financial Management Reporting: We offer comprehensive financial statements for each value stream, including P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flows. 
  • Management Reporting: We focus on KPIs related to Safety, Quality, Delivery, and Cost, tailored to the performance of each value stream. 

Our Expertise 

Under the leadership of our Founder, CEO, and the “Father of Lean Accounting,” Mark DeLuzio, our team offers unparalleled expertise. We are pioneers in integrating Lean methodologies into accounting processes, providing the deepest insights and unmatched service offerings.  

The Lean Accounting Advantage 

By partnering with us, your organization will significantly reduce waste in accounting processes and foster a culture that consistently promotes Lean behaviors. Our Lean Accounting practices have an impeccable track record of revolutionizing financial operations to be more efficient and closely aligned with the strategic Lean goals of organizations. 


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