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Lean will make changes across entire value streams, creating a highly agile organization. These results provide you with the business system that offers the greatest flexibility, and ultimately the change you need to drive your business forward.

Our experts understand that when Lean is aligned with your business strategy, your people become focused on what needs to be done.


Supply Chain


New Product Development

Manufacturing Transformation

Strategy Deployment

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  • Lean Assessments
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Development & Coaching
  • Daily Management
  • 3P & Moonshine
  • Intellectual Property
  • Lean Promotion Office
  • NPI
  • Mergers & Acquisitions/Integrations
  • Train-the-Trainer

Lean Administration Process Transformation

Our Lean Administration Tools provide an advanced approach to improving administrative, service and transactional processes. We recognize that traditional approaches to mapping value streams must be customized for the administrative environment. Instead of treating administrative areas the same as factory processes, we developed a proprietary method for mapping transactional information flows.

Lean Culture:
Employee Involvment

Your people are the only thing a competitor cannot copy. A Lean Culture is just as important a resource as financial capital in your Lean journey. Lean Horizons Consulting helps you to optimize both.

Lean Manufacturing Transformation

Drawing on our extensive experience in enabling Lean Manufacturing in existing operations or during acquisition integration, we show you how to use Lean and Six Sigma tools and techniques to create repeatable and reliable processes. These processes will help your organization:

  • Improve product quality, speed and cost
  • Reduce cash tied up in inventory and receivables
  • Get more out of your fixed assets
  • Generate productivity savings through sourcing and infrastructure, and
  • Synchronize supply chains with internal processes that link to customers’ workflow and demand

Propel Your Business Into The Future

As your partner, we provide the Lean tools needed to deliver value to your customers today and into the future. We’ll help to create your organization’s blueprint through:

• Strategic mind sharing that helps to understand your business situation, competitive threats, and imperatives
• Working with management to determine the parameters that will make your organization successful
• Identifying the capabilities your company requires in order to be competitive
• Collaborating with you to translate this all into your future business system

Lean Suppy Chain

Our approach to a lean supply chain management encompasses everything from product and network design to execution of delivery. Using analytics, we help you make fact-based decisions regarding facility footprint, location and ownership; outsourcing; and supplier networks. This will enable you to respond to regional and local needs and compete in major global geographic regions, on cost, quality and service, even under the pressure of changing global demand patterns and a shift to best-cost sourcing.

New Product Development

Using our field-tested approach, Lean Horizons will show your business how to apply Lean and Six Sigma tools to the New Product Development process. Your organization will develop standardized, predictable New Product Development processes, which align product strategies with market needs. We enable your developers to make improvements in:

  • Product roadmap development
  • NPD funnel management
  • NPD toll-gate process flow, and
  • New product introduction process flow

Strategy Development

We know from decades of experience that continuous improvement of “end-to-end” processes is the one true way to optimize performance. Strategy deployment allows us to view the operating model as a cross-functional matrix. This helps organizations acquire a structured approach for attaching initiatives to the overall business plan and implement process improvements throughout a value stream. With measurable performance metrics in place, you organization is able to self-manage its Lean journey and see, often for the first time, the read-through of results.