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Lean Value for Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

The connection between Lean and the Biotech & Pharmaceuticals industry may not be obvious to some. Lean is about principle-driven removal of waste and variability from all business processes. Lean values time, and focuses on maximizing its use across business processes including:

In doing so, Lean increases productivity, available capacity, and improves operating agility and market responsiveness.

Products flow to the market quickly and efficiently, enabling savings for re-investment in R&D and brand building. Moreover, Lean’s bedrock principle of Standard Work facilitates the transparency and control critical to quality.

Lean make wastes visible, enabling its ongoing removal powerfully and sustainably through your people. Lean transformation isn’t about fly-in-fly-out domain experts or kaizen-in-a-box. It’s about developing an organizational culture that is relentless in its pursuit of waste-free customer focused service creating a strategic response to industry challenges, value creation, and a real source of competitive advantage.

Our place in the world of biotech & pharmaceuticals

We’ve partnered with leading companies in the Biotech & Pharmaceuticals industry to deliver the benefits of Lean to their enterprises. We’re not about the clumsy force-fit application of factory Lean. We tailor the application of Lean principles and tools specifically to your business and we do so strategically. We align Lean and Six Sigma with your organizational goals. When Lean is employed organization-wide, your business reaps the benefits.

We are teachers. We teach your cross-functional teams to apply Lean to:

  • Eliminate waste, and synchronize flow in value streams focused on your customers
  • Apply Six Sigma upon Lean to determine, manage and reduce variation in the value streams
  • Expand your team’s sights to think differently about how value is achieved and how your business is done
  • Advance the activities and interactions that add value, while reducing the ones that do not

Response time is reduced in all things, allowing the discovery and correction of problems before they impact your ability to serve. Simplified processes spanning your total value stream expand your capabilities. This results in year-after-year gains in capital productivity and free cash flows to support reinvestment, enterprise value and stakeholder return. By applying Lean broadly, you develop integrated solutions that answer not only the operational, but also the strategic and organizational challenges.

Our people have experienced the successes and the mistakes of transformation initiatives. In transferring the knowledge critical to success, we work with your teams to overcome the frustrations of change and build a confident culture committed to continuous improvement supported by sustained results. In doing so, we reduce time to value on your Lean Six Sigma investment.

We look forward to partnering with you in your journey.

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