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Led by the principal architect of the Danaher Business System, Mark DeLuzio has assembled a powerful unit of seasoned Lean Transformation professionals in the industry today. Lean Horizons’ personnel have successful Lean transformation experience in a variety of industries and have the following lineage: Toyota, Danaher, General Electric, and were trained and mentored by Shingijutsu, the original direct lieutenants of Taiichi Ohno, the Father of the Toyota Production System.

Founder’s Message

Mark C. DeLuzio
Chief Executive Officer, Lean Horizons Consulting

Our purpose is clear: to be the embodiment of Lean ideology in leading business change that invigorates economic growth and improves quality of life. Lean Horizons Consulting’s unique Lean Business System Solutions provide an improved platform that drives profitable growth by eliminating institutionalized waste across the enterprise. We effectively merge strategy with operational design to deliver on the promise of sustainable growth, fueled by true cultural transformation.

We have built our company with the best Lean professionals in the industry; those who have transformed companies in brownfield environments… orchestrating change, energizing culture, driving performance, and delivering lasting results. This is what sets us apart and why our clients engage us. By leveraging our collective experiences, we accelerate our clients’ “speed to value.”

In co-creating solutions to business challenges using our flexible approach, we always begin with understanding the problem–and our experience allows us to see your situation objectively. We know every journey takes a different path and no single approach guarantees success or a true cultural renewal.

We look forward to learning about your company and performance goals and becoming the business partner that helps you make your business profoundly different.

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Where Does LHC Consult? 

Lean Horizons has a global client base and has worked to transform clients on five continents worldwide. 

When Should Consult With LHC? 

There is no time like the present to start your Lean Transformation, or to restart it if it has been Flatlined©. 

Our Beliefs? 

  • The Respect for People Principle (RFP) 
  • People are your greatest assets 
  • Problem-solving at the lowest possible level 
  • Don’t let perfect get in the way of better 
  • Lean Basics always win 
  • Lean Trilogy – All Stakeholders must win! 
  • Kaizen is a way of life – a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo 
  • The hierarchy of SQDC: Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost 
  • Without a standard, there can be no improvement
    Flatlined: Why Lean Transformations Fail and What to Do About It Book Cover

    Flatlined: Why Lean Transformations Fail and What to do About It

    Turn Waste into Wealth: How to Find Cash in Every Corner of the Company Book Cover

    Turn Waste into Wealth: How to Find Cash in Every Corner of the Company