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Transforming Culture

Lean begins when you break from convention.

Laying the cultural groundwork that stimulates learning, pride in performance and innovation is the linchpin to Lean success. Lean Horizons Consulting provides corporate leaders with sound guidance for orchestrating an organization of individuals with shared values and aspirations, where each member thinks like an owner and acts with resolve. We help you to develop a culture that continuously invigorates the company’s purpose and, ultimately, the company’s profitability.

Live the philosophy.

With the dramatic and rapid changes in “competitiveness,” survival is not possible if the company conducts its business and approaches its customers with a fixed, unchangeable point of view. We help your organization halt the recurrence of trying to do business today using yesterday’s tools and ideas, by initiating the life cycle of your Lean transformation. It begins with aligning your people and your core values with the customer’s voice; then builds momentum, changes shape and stays in motion because your renewed culture creates the power to invent and the focus to deliver. Your Lean transformation depends on company leaders who have an in-depth understanding of the work and the ability to develop and lead people. And it is sustained by individuals who look in the mirror every day and say, “This is personal. I’m not going to let a competitor outperform me today.”

Getting started

Lean Horizons Consulting conducts a comprehensive, unbiased assessment of your company’s organizational structure, leadership and culture. Then, with our direction, your executive teams develop a unique change management plan that directly supports company strategy and ultimately drives your Lean transformation. Throughout program execution, Lean Horizons Consulting provides targeted, integrated services to advance your company’s cultural renewal. These disciplines include organization design, communications, leadership development, reward and recognition systems design, performance metrics definition, process/role integration and Lean skills development to name a few.

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Flatlined: Why Lean Transformations Fail and What to do About It

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