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Lean Benchmarking

Lean Benchmarking – performance analysis of selected global companies

Market leadership and financial strength are the result of disciplined business process improvement. Having the ability to target performance improvements that are capable of producing the greatest return provides a significant competitive advantage. With Lean Horizons’ proprietary benchmarking research, you have the advantage.

Our database compares your organization to industry peers and in context to the Lean continuum. By comparing key financial performance measures, your organization targets both what it does well and where it could improve.

Performance Metrics Included in Analysis

  • % Gross Margin
  • Operating Profit %
  • Net Earnings %
  • % SG&A
  • Inventory Turns
  • Operating Working Capital Turns
  • Free cash flow as a percentage of Net Earnings
  • Capital Expenditures as a percentage of Sales
  • Sales per Employee

Benchmark Population

Danaher, Parker Hannifin, Tyco, Stanley Works, SPX, Black & Decker, The Toro Company, Crane Company, Pentair, Snap-on, NR, Cooper Industries, Hubble, Roper Industries, Teleflex Incorporated, Textron, United Technologies Corporation, Ametek, Carlisle Industries, Emerson, Harsco Corporation, Illinois Tool, Ingersoll Rand, and ITT Industries

Our research helps your organization:

  • Evaluate its performance in terms of cost, productivity and efficiency
  • Set expectations for performance improvement results throughout the advancement of its Lean journey
  • Pinpoint key areas for improvement
  • Focus process improvements on breakthrough opportunities

The Lean Horizons’ benchmarking research is yet another reason we’re able to provide a superior cost-benefit return to our clients. By viewing current processes through a broader market perspective, your organization can more readily maximize cash flow and enhance working capital. You identify key areas for improvement and make the changes that make a difference.

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