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What Is Lean?

Going Lean means you are transforming your business. You’re focusing every action on giving the customer high quality, low cost and immediate delivery. You need a partner who sees the whole picture. One who considers all aspects of your enterprise – from strategy and organization to logistics, supply chain management, operations, and your people – because they are connected. If you engage a more narrow perspective, you distort the reality and end up chasing the problem, not changing the culture. You focus on the bits and sacrifice the whole. Using Lean tools to make isolated improvements provides residual returns. Implementing Lean holistically gives your business the power to grow.

We help you shift your strengths into overdrive.

You want to deliver more value to more customers in more parts of the world. We can help by solving problems and guiding you on your new pathways to growth. We bring deep, experience-based knowledge for targeting investments in directions where you can grow profitably, for aggressively restructuring, for exiting or divesting areas that are not meeting your expectations, for creating alliances and expanding capabilities and for approaching more customers in more ways through smarter distribution and logistics. We accomplish all of this in the context of a Lean transformation, so you gain the financial flexibility to increase the pace in your growth markets and establish a cost-effective platform from which to develop the next-generation of your business.

We scale Lean for life.

With each day come new demands, all across the enterprise, from both internal and external customers. How do we ensure today’s solution still works tomorrow? We listen to and understand your imperatives, situation and objectives so we can craft relevant, long-term solutions. Solutions that are anchored by Lean principles and that help you create value, beliefs and business methods, which, over time, become your competitive edge. Then we align Lean disciplines and Lean tools with your strategy and customer value propositions in order to mobilize your entire enterprise to turn strategic initiatives into operational success. Of course, a “solution” isn’t really a solution until you can implement it yourself. So we teach you how to make Lean first systematic and then part of your culture so you stay Lean, on your own.

Flatlined: Why Lean Transformations Fail and What to Do About It Book Cover

Flatlined: Why Lean Transformations Fail and What to do About It

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Turn Waste into Wealth: How to Find Cash in Every Corner of the Company