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Organizational Announcement – Clem Confessore

It is with great pleasure that I announce the promotion of Clem Confessore to Managing Director. Clem has a distinguished career in Lean management and has been a Senior Consultant for Lean Horizons over the past several years.

Clem is one of the longest running practitioners of Lean Transformation in the USA. He has embraced the Toyota Production System (TPS) roots of Lean throughout his career. His 20 years as a Lean consultant was preceded by years of leadership positions where he employed Lean methods including 11 years as VP Operations, 12 years as President, 7 years of which were as CEO.

His career has featured a balance of results orientation with process orientation and a dedication to continual improvement relentlessly pursuing the elimination of waste throughout the enterprise utilizing Lean. This has resulted in stunning improvements in quality, delivery, cost and growth.

Clem served in the Corporate Danaher Business System Office (DBSO) working under my leadership. He was instrumental in introducing Value Stream Mapping to Danaher and played a key role in the development of Danaher’s approach to Transactional Process Improvement as well as their Lean Certification program. He gained significant and meaningful experience through the tutelage of Taiichi Ohno’s Autonomous Study Group, the originators of the Toyota Production System. Having led Lean transformations on a global basis, Clem has experience in various types of industries including an array of manufacturing, administrative, service, higher education, insurance and financial.

Clem possesses a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA and is certified in 15 key Lean tools, including Strategy Deployment.

Please join me in congratulating Clem on his new role. Clem can be reached at: [email protected] or on his mobile at: +1.845.988.7710.

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