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Lean Knowledge Suite

Instructor-led Training Suites

Our instructor-led offerings can be delivered by trained resources within your team or by Lean Horizons specialists. Through our Train-the-Trainer program, your organization leverages its investment as it develops a robust, self-administered and self-managed training program.

Customized Solutions

To accelerate knowledge transfer, we can customize our training suites to reflect your organization’s core values and incorporate company-specific examples and exercises. By blending Lean training materials your organization already owns with our offerings, we help you leverage your professional development expenditures.

Financial Rewards

We offer electronic licensing agreements to increase your return on investment when purchasing a Lean Horizons training suite. The license entitles your organization to receive material updates as they are published.

For pricing and terms, please contact one of our specialists.

Training Suites

Most of Lean Horizons’ Knowledge Suite modules are available in multiple languages.

Introduction to Lean

Provide your organization with a view of the journey ahead through a comprehensive, robust primer introducing the principles, tools and techniques of Lean as they relate to your organization’s unique audiences.

Strategic Deployment

Design the blueprint for deploying Lean, by aligning Lean with the organization’s critical few breakthrough objectives, and enable focused change. 

Advanced Value Stream Mapping

Integrate and optimize extended, end-to-end value streams through expert guidance in applying advanced mapping practices, tools and analytical methods to complex, networked environments.

Lean Problem Solving

Release your people’s hidden potential and enable a culture of continuous improvement by instilling the processes and invoking the tools of disciplined, team-based problem identification and resolution. 

Lean Administrative Process Transformation

Deploy a tailored application of Lean principles to administrative processes in information-, service- and manufacturing-based enterprises. Our industry-leading approach to Value Stream Mapping of information flows is the key.

Lean Manufacturing

Improve and accelerate value creation with Lean manufacturing applications, as adopted from the Toyota Production System and evolved by global Lean leaders such as the Danaher Corporation.

Kaizen Fundamentals

Experience the elemental building-block of Lean culture and continuous improvement, the kaizen event. The suite addresses both the explicit and implicit keys for maximizing and sustaining value.

Lean Supply Chain

Expand Lean beyond the organization’s “four walls” by integrating customers and suppliers into a transparent, information-rich network of value creation driven by the “voice-of-the-customer.” Lean Supply Chain addresses Lean distribution, demand-driven operations planning, and the construction and integration of best-cost sourcing networks.

Lean Supervisor

Give your front-line leaders a proven formula to empowering individuals and teams to deliver and sustain breakthrough performance. The engaged mindset and critical educational role of a Lean leader is conveyed, fostering a dynamic in individuals and groups that embraces challenge and learns to see – and act – with focus on the customer.

Flatlined: Why Lean Transformations Fail and What to Do About It Book Cover

Flatlined: Why Lean Transformations Fail and What to do About It

Turn Waste into Wealth: How to Find Cash in Every Corner of the Company Book Cover

Turn Waste into Wealth: How to Find Cash in Every Corner of the Company