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Financial Process Optimizer

Financial Process OptimizerDo You Struggle With These Issues?

  • Late Finance Close
  • Late Forecast
  • Regulatory Costs & Concerns
  • Data Quality Issues
  • Uncertain Guidance to “The Street”
  • Staff Burnout & Turnover
  • ERP Operations Problems

What Does Lean Horizons Financial Process Optimizer℠ Do For You?

Lean Horizons Financial Process Optimizer℠ is a proprietary, customized improvement methodology that gives you a competitive edge by reducing the time it takes you to “Close” and “Disclose” guidance to investors.

Closing on Day 1 not Day 15:

  • Allows you to execute countermeasures more quickly and effectively
  • Increases Staff engagement and reduces burnout and turnover
  • Improves accuracy and consistency of your data

“Disclose” (Forecasting, Executive & Guidance Presentations) on Day 8 not Day 28 gives you time to improve the accuracy and consistency of Guidance – a key driver that improves your credibility in the markets!

How Does Financial Process Optimizer℠ Work?

Financial Process Optimizer Process

  • We visualize process flows and resource allocation by documenting reality through the Value Process Map (VPM)
  • We calculate % Loads to show the time or resources used vs. the total time or resources available
  • Process Mapping and Kaizens take place next to remove waste from each step of the VPM
  • Standard Work is created for each person in the process to define the Least Waste Way of performing tasks
    • This key step exposes gaps in process Flow and Linkage and provides visual clues for improvements
  • Next, we update the VPM to reflect the “new” standard process
  • Standard Work now serves as a visual control for the Team to understand how everyone is performing
  • Problems are solved so they never recur
  • On an on-going basis we cycle back to Process Mapping and Kaizen to continuously improve

Contact us for more details and a customized assessment of your potential to leverage Financial Process Optimizer’s power for you!

The Lean Horizons team had a remarkably positive impact on GMSA. Lean Horizons employs a unique operational excellence approach that leverages Lean process improvement principles and tools to achieve strategic business objectives. Their unique approach enabled us to dramatically reduce the lead times and cycle times of our Financial Processes. This provided us with a powerful competitive edge while also building the foundation for a Lean Continuous Improvement culture throughout our South American Finance operations.

General MotorsCarlos Zarlenga
Chief Financial Officer
General Motors South America (GMSA)

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